Stag night Krakow

When you have decided to have your stag party krakow then the next thing is to choose what you want to do once you get there. There are a wide variety stag activities in Krakow available. Awasome Stag weekends Krakow! A lot people are now choosing to play bubble football in Krakow as it’s now one of the fastest growing games in Europe. The game is simple to play; the players are suited a giant zorb over their upper body which means when they bump their opponents it doesn’t hurt at all. There are also a number different scenarios which can be played such as sumo, bowling and bulldog. A classic stag activity is paintball, with many of groups opting to play shoot the stag, where they target the stag making sure he leaves with more than a few bruises. A different option to paintball is airsoft shooting, which is the same principal to paintball but involves air soft guns which shoot tiny pellets. It is a more realistic activity than paintball, with the battle situation feeling more real. For the evening a lot of stag parties in Krakow choose to go for the strip stag meal. This great meal consists of a four course steak meal with a large amount of drink throw into the mix followed by an erotic strip show. There are also loads of clubs in Krakow all catering to different tastes. No matter what a stag parties tastes are there will always be a club for them. And if it’s lap dancing clubs that the stag party is looking for in Krakow then they won’t have to venture to find one with the most beautiful girls dancing there. It is also possible to hire your own private dancer too, with a number of hotels in Krakow allowing the strip shows take place in their rooms, just as long as permission is asked.